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Hasthi Voyage has carved out a distinguished reputation as a leading B2B tour operator and travel agent, renowned for its unwavering commitment to service and reliability. We cater to passionate travelers seeking the freedom to explore at their own pace, backed by dependable and attentive assistance whenever required. Our dedication to providing exceptional experiences ensures that every journey with us is marked by convenience, satisfaction, and lasting memories.


Our vision at Hasthi Voyage is to cater to Sri Lanka’s burgeoning mass tourism industry while prioritizing the convenience and positivity of our clients. With a commitment to seamless travel experiences, we strive to enhance convenience through efficient services and personalized attention. By ensuring every aspect of our clients’ journey is meticulously planned and executed, we aim to create a positive and memorable impression of Sri Lanka as a top tourist destination. With our dedication to excellence, we aspire to contribute to the growth and sustainability of Sri Lanka’s tourism sector while exceeding the expectations of our valued clients.


Our mission at Hasthi Voyage is to introduce mass travel services to Sri Lanka’s tourism stakeholders in a competitive manner. We achieve this by staying abreast of travel trends, understanding diverse travel needs, analyzing various travel markets, and assessing travel competition. By leveraging this comprehensive understanding, we aim to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet the evolving demands of mass tourism while ensuring exceptional service quality and customer satisfaction. Through strategic partnerships and continuous adaptation, we strive to position ourselves as leaders in the mass tourism sector, driving sustainable growth and contributing to Sri Lanka’s tourism industry’s success.

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Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for group travel operations with Hasthi Voyage. This beautiful island offers diverse attractions, rich cultural heritage, and modern amenities, providing unforgettable group experiences. Hasthi Voyage ensures seamless travel planning and execution, leveraging our local expertise and extensive network. Explore stunning landscapes, historic sites, and vibrant culture, all while enjoying world-class hospitality services. We specialize in creating tailored group travel experiences, from cultural tours to adventure activities, ensuring every detail is meticulously managed. Trust Hasthi Voyage to deliver a memorable and enriching journey in Sri Lanka, perfectly suited to your group’s unique needs and interests.



Hasthi Voyage helps travel agencies do their business better. Our organization is a leading global travel distributor in Sri Lanka, connecting more than 40 travel agents with the Sri Lankan travel and tourism industry while focusing on connecting agencies in the travel market thus enabling them to create seamless and joyful journeys for travelers traveling to Sri Lanka


With us your clients can choose from a range of travel options, carefully selected boutique hotels, mind blowing landscapes, relaxing activities and exciting adventures. Select the travel deal that suits their spirit and caters to their budget. We take extra care to ensure your holiday package covers every little detail. Our team will design a travel experience that is luxurious and personalized in the way you desire


Strategic partnerships enable our team to bring the best of their talent and strengths forward. Every person and every business that we partnered, has unique strengths. It’s rewarding to see how doing so generates functional and creative solutions. We regularly partner with organizations internally to provide with you world class travel experience.



We speak in your language - We operate travel & tours in your language
Comprehensive marketing support – to help with your promotional efforts
We provide value for money – so you get more for your buck
A personal manager – to guide you throughout
All tours are tailor-made – so every trip is unique
You can trust us – to always provide and work with the best
A 24-hour emergency service – means someone is always there to help
We use speed, passion & precision – to design, plan & operate the perfect tour


They define what we stand for and how we aspire to do business every day – with our suppliers, our customers, communities and each other


We collaborate as a team to succeed and hold our colleagues and business partners in high esteem.


We inspire confidence in others through our knowledge and expertise. We seek and embrace change


We are open to new ideas, cultures and experiences. We value honesty and transparency


We share our love for travel and encourage others to explore our destinations. We aspire to be the difference that makes the difference.


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